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Well, no chance of confusion here.

You know how insurance companies drive me crazy with their drug approval forms?  Well combine an insurance company with the government, and you get Medicaid. And when you get Medicaid, you get gems like this:

Approved?  Unable to approve?  Which is it???

On a side note…the best thing someone can do for their health is quit smoking.  Forget about losing weight, exercising, getting a Pap smear.  If you want to get the best bang for your buck, quit smoking.  With this in mind, why is it that Medicaid will cover Buproprion and nicotine replacement like the patch or gum, but won’t cover Chantix?  After all, the results for Chantix are superior to those for nicotine replacement.  In the long term, it’s even cheaper than trying and failing other therapies.  So, what gives, Medicaid?  I don’t like requirements that my patients “try and fail” medications.  I aim for success the first time out.

1 thought on “Well, no chance of confusion here.”

  1. I will note that language matters. It defines how we view and understand the world. Regarding the terminology “patient fails,” it is an example of how the health care industry avoids taking responsibility. Let’s say that a particular medication did not work. The patient did not fail if she took the medication as directed. The treatment failed, not the patient. Perhaps the diagnosis was wrong, the dosage was wrong, etc., which means the physician failed, not the patient. Perhaps the drug is only effective in some percentage of cases, which is how the human body works, but is again not the fault of the patient. Please say “the treatment failed.” It is accurate and avoids placing blame where it should not be placed.


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