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Race Report- Wallis Sands Triathlon

Well, I lived to tell the tale.  No shark encounters.

The day started off with the alarm going off at the ungodly Sunday hour of 5:40.  The next thing I noticed was the sound of rain.  Pouring rain.  A look out of the window confirmed it- there was a downpour.  A quick check of the weather forecast was useless- according to Accuweather and, it was just cloudy with a chance of a shower.  Ha.

I spent the next half hour drinking my coffee and playing a mental game of “Will I or Won’t I?”.  In the “Won’t I” column was the fact that I’d be standing around in the rain for at least an hour or more before the race, all my stuff would get wet, including my socks (I HATE running in wet socks), the ocean was probably going to be rough, road bikes tend to skid a lot on wet roads, and my bed was looking really, really cozy.

In the “Will I” column was the fact that I had trained for this damn thing.  And spent the money on the damn wetsuit.

So I went.

It was still pouring when I got to the race site.  It finally let up enough for me to get out and pick up my race packet.  I brought my bike and stuff over to the transition area, at which time it started pouring again.  Luckily I had put everything in a big garbage bag.  I left it there and went and hid in my car, hoping that no one would think my stuff was actual garbage and throw it away.

About a half hour before race time, the rain finally let up.  I finally went and got my stuff all set up.  Right about this time, my friend Sarah showed up to cheer me on.  And good thing she did, because it was time to get on the wetsuit.

So, it was hard to do this while sitting on a bench with nice, dry skin and feet.  Doing this while standing in a puddle with very damp skin and soaking wet feet really made for a great time.  If Sarah hadn’t been there for me to hang on to, there’s a good chance my race would have been over before it started, the damn wetsuit abandoned.

Then it was down to the beach for the start.  I was in the third wave to start, otherwise known as over-40-old-fogeys.  I was getting nervous…the water was nowhere as rough as my disastrous swim last Saturday, but it certainly wasn’t calm, either.

Man, I’m short.

That first buoy was looking really far away.  No time for further panic, we were off.  I ran in and started dolphin diving, and then started swimming.  And started panicking.  There were big waves.  And choppiness.  And water was going up my nose.  And…I seemed to literally forget how to swim for a second.  Like, I bobbed there in the water and started doggy-paddling.  Then I mentally screamed to myself, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???”  So I started swimming again.  No good.  I was really freaked out.  So, I flipped onto my back and started doing the backstroke.  And at one point laughed out loud, because I was actually passing other swimmers while doing the backstroke.  It was so ridiculous.  Here I was, doing the backstroke because I was too freaked out to put my face in the water, and I was doing it fast!  Finally, I touched bottom and ran out.  My swim time was a minute faster than my swim last year, for a swim that was farther.  

The transition was a lot slower.  In addition to getting out of the damn wetsuit, I was trying to get most of the sand off of my feet.

The bike ride was great.  I had practiced the route several times, since the race was in my town.  No wind, very flat course, and a nice surprise- many freshly paved roads!  My ride time was 5 minutes faster than last year’s same length ride.

Then onto the run.  I was actually a bit nervous for the run, because running seems to make my back flare up more than any other activity.  I haven’t really done much running lately, but luckily my back held out.  Just a bit of cramping in the last mile, but nothing I couldn’t run through.  My time was 5 minutes fast than last year’s.  It helped that there were no trees or boulders to scramble over.

So there you have it!  It was a really well-organized race and the scenery of Rye can’t be beat.  I was glad to have improved my time.  Next year- more practice swims in open water!

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