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Even my paperwork has paperwork

Happy New Year!  For me, the new year brings a new onslaught of those lovely prior approval forms– that oh-so-crucial paperwork that insurance companies make me fill out to prove that the medication I prescribe is really, truly indicated (because I like to put people on prescription meds just for kicks, right?) and the absolutely, positively, cheapest thing around.  

For some reason, insurance companies seem to think that sometime between 11:59 PM on December 31 and 12:00 AM on January 1, everyone’s medical problems are instantaneously cured.  They must think that, right?  Otherwise, why else would everyone seem to need new prior approval forms on January 1?  And new referrals to other doctors?  It makes perfect sense.
Here is a new and annoying trend that I’m seeing.  Instead of just making the prior approval form available to me, Caremark now makes me fill out a form to get the correct form.  You read that right.  I now have to do paperwork so I can get more paperwork.
So, I have to fill out this form with all of the drug information and fax it to them so they can send me an even more specific form.  And while they’re playing these games, on the other end there is a real live human being waiting for their medication.
By the way, the drug that I’m ordering?  Costs $15.99 cash.  
And we wonder why the cost of American health care is so expensive.  

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