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App Review- Couch to 5K

As you may or may not remember, I managed to injure myself in August.  It has been a long, slow, annoying recovery.  It’s also be frustrating to realize that my body just does not heal at age almost-40 the way it used to.

At any rate, I’ve slowly started running again.  A lot of my patients have used couch-to-5K apps, so I figured that this would be a good chance to try one out.

I chose the Get Running App.  Really, there was no particular reason that I chose it, other than that it had good reviews.  There are a bunch of 5K apps out there, and I’ll probably try out a few others and compare them later.  The cost of the app was $2.99.

The first few runs start out very easy, just running for 1 minute intervals with 1 1/2 minute walking breaks.  The display is easy to read- yellow is the running, blue is walking, and the green arrow moves around the circle to show you where you are in your workout.  There is a nice, calm British voice gently prompting when it is time to walk or run.

As the weeks go on, there is more running and less walking.

Eventually, you’re running straight through.

I also found the settings to be useful.  I like to listed to audiobooks while I run, and it can get annoying to have a voice prompt frequently overriding a book.  I like the way this app pauses the audiobook while there is a voice prompt.  Alternatively, you can sync your music playlist to play while you run.

Overall, I found the app to be user-friendly.  The workouts were very realistic and could easily be utilized by beginners. 
So, I’m happy to be back on the road again!  See you out there!

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