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Busy Work

I’m sure everyone hates busy work.  By definition, all it does is take up time while providing no actual intrinsic value.  I don’t need stuff to take up time needlessly.  I’m short enough on time as is.  That’s why I hate getting stuff like this:

This was sent by a private visiting nurse service regarding one of my patients.  She has been receiving home services from them for years.  Years.  Nothing has changed.  However, they’ve now changed accreditation companies, and the new company wants me to state my orders in a different fashion.  Note that this adds NOTHING to the care of my patients.  My old orders work just fine.  They just want me to say if differently.

Not to worry, though.  They sent this helpful sample letter.

So, it’s basically like Medical MadLibs.  Fill in the blank.  Just without the humorous results.

So I dictated a letter with her name and meds filled into the blanks.

Why was this necessary?  Why do I need to waste my time on such drivel?

Here’s another great example of busy work.  As an employee of a large corporation, I am required to do all sorts of “compliance training.”  I have to do it on my own time, of course.  Just to make sure it’s done, I’m constantly getting helpful email reminders.

One of my favorites was the required course on preventing physician burnout.  It was a four hour course.  To be completed on my own time.  A course on preventing burnout, to be done at home, when I should have been spending time with my family.

Do they not see the irony in this situation?

I added up all the training that I’ve had to do for work in my “free time,” and it came out to 12 hours. That’s a full day and a half of work.

No wonder they need to spend four hours telling us not to get burned out.

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