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A good friend of mine has convinced me to do a triathlon with her.  As is obvious from this blog, I’m a runner.  Not a particularly fast or talented one, but a dedicated one, nonetheless.  And, like many runners, I’m a one-trick pony.  Runners are notorious for loving running and having the firm opinion that all other forms of exercise are inferior.  
So I run.  Pretty much exclusively.  I’ll occasionally throw in a yoga class out of some sense of obligation.  However, as I approach my 40’s, I’ll admit that all this running leads to more aches and pains than it used to.  I’ve had this nagging tendonitis in my foot that’s been bothering me on and off for the past couple of years.  I get back pain now.  And so on.
So, I was already playing with the idea of adding in some cross training when Sarah brought up the idea of doing the triathlon.  My first response was, “No way, no how.”  I run.  I know how to swim, I mean I won’t drown or anything, but I’m not what anyone would call a good swimmer.  I know how to ride a bike. I even get on it at least once a year.  But doing a 15 mile ride, after a swim and following that up with a 5K run?  
I don’t think so.
But the idea stayed with me.  So, last week, I got into the pool (brrrrr!) and swam the quarter mile.  44 boring laps in my pool.  And it was pathetic.  Took me 19 minutes, I’m embarrassed to say, although at least 3 minutes of that was spent clinging to the side of the pool, huffing and puffing.    The next day, I got on my bike.  I got to the end of the driveway and realized that air in the tires would probably be helpful.  After I put air in the tires, I went for a 6 mile ride.  And it was hard.  And I felt like I would die at the end.   But I didn’t.
The next day I was sore.  But it was a good kind of sore- they kind you get from a good workout.  And I realized, I haven’t been sore like that in a while.  And while I was sore, my nagging tendonitis and back pain hadn’t been aggravated the way they are after a run.  
So, I’ve decided to go for it.  And I’ve put it out here so that there is no chance that I’ll chicken out.  For anyone that cares to join me- it’s the Kingston Triathlon on August 11th.  

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