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Odd Stock Photo Choices

I have informational brochures in my exam rooms.  They are about common medical conditions, and they are put out by this company.  Overall, I think they’re pretty good.  The information in them is accurate and easy to understand.  My patients seem to find them helpful.  I do, however, find the cover art of the brochures to be amusing.  Take this one, for example.

That guy looks awfully happy for someone suffering from gout.  Here’s a picture of acute gouty arthritis:

Now, does that look like something to smile about?  I didn’t think so.

How about this one?

Again, that is not what a child with an allergic emergency looks like.  A child with an allergic emergency looks like this:

And what is up with the picture on the bottom of the brochure?  Here’s a close up:

What is that? Is it a bunch of kids trying to hit a piñata?  What does that have to do with allergies?  My office manager and I were trying to figure it out.  His suggestion was that maybe they were swatting at a beehive instead of a piñata.  I thought that perhaps the piñata was filled with allergenic peanuts and shellfish.

Anyway, this is my favorite:

Yup.  The face of chronic constipation, right there.  Happy, joyful, not a care in the world!

Boy, it’s a good thing I went into medicine and not marketing.  The photos I would have chosen for chronic constipation would look nothing like that.

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