insurance insanity

Watch an Insurance Company Try to Drive Me Insane

Lately I’ve been seeing a new trend for drug approvals.  Several companies have started requesting a narrative justifying why whatever was prescribed was needed.  This is annoying, because I have to dictate a whole note about it.

However, what is even more annoying in this particular case is the third paragraph.

Let’s ignore, for a moment, the complete and utter randomness of the deadline of 3:24 AM.  Instead, please direct your attention to when the fax was received at my office:

That’s right, folks.  The information that was due at 3:24 AM on February 4 was not even sent to me until 1:43 AM on February 5.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, they felt the need to send me 14 copies of the same thing.  FOURTEEN COPIES!

Your insurance premiums at work, folks.

And yes, that is Silly Putty that you see at the top of the last photo.  I get out my frustrations by smushing and smashing it.

First thing this morning…hot off the press.
Yup.  You read that correctly.  It says that the drug is already covered and no approval is needed.  The request that they sent me FOURTEEN TIMES was not needed in the first place.