I’ve had a hard time watching the news about the Sandy Hook tragedy. I suspect many people have.  I have a son who is almost six, and it is literally sickening to think about losing him.  So, while on some level I am heartbroken about the loss of those innocent lives, on another level it’s just been too much to even contemplate.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday I got angry.

What finally did it?  It was this.

It’s the press conference given by the NRA executive vice president.  According to him, guns have nothing to do with the massacre at Sandy Hook.  Nothing.  It was video games.  And media glorification of violence.  And lazy law enforcement.  The solution?  More guns.  Got that?  More guns.  Guns for teachers.  Guns for “volunteer guards.”  Guns for the “good guys.”
I’m sorry.  That is sheer insanity.  It boggles my mind.  When a madman goes on a shooting rampage, the response should be, “How do we stop someone like this from ever getting a gun again?”  The response of the NRA was, “How do we get a gun for EVERYONE?”  
It ignores the fact that there was an armed guard at Columbine.  Virginia Tech had an armed security force.  Ft. Hood is a military base, for God’s sake.  Everyone is armed there.
We should have said “enough” after Columbine.  After Virginia Tech.  Ft. Hood.  Aurora.  We didn’t.
Now it’s time.
This is not the Wild, Wild West.  This is America in 2012.  There is no place, outside of the military and law enforcement, for assault rifles, automatic weapons, and extended ammunition clips.  There is no place for the lax, farcical “restrictions” placed on gun ownership.  And the day there are armed guards patrolling outside my kids’ school is the day I pull them out and start homeschooling them.  That is not the free country that I want my children to experience.  That’s a country under siege.
Will it be easy to make a change?  Of course not.  I’ve heard the statistics, just like everyone else.  There are 200 million guns in America.  It will take years, maybe decades to make a difference.  So why wait?  That just means that the time to start is now.  It’s not time to throw up your hands and say, “It’s impossible, so why even try?”
So, please, join me in saying, “Enough.”  Write to the President and your senators.  Write to your state reps and governors.  Don’t let a lobbying organization of 4.3 million gun owners speak for the needs and wants of 300 million people.  

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