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May the Force be with you!

It’s a happy day in the Nicholas household. My kids are finally moving out of their Cars phase and into the Star Wars phase. Apparently, this is a required phase of life for all American males. They boys watched Stars Wars for the first time a few weeks ago. The obsession now has a stronghold on my family.
They are being aided and abetted by Patrick, who is only too happy to support the Star Wars habit. As a matter of fact, he saved all of his old 70’s and 80’s toys in anticipation of this very day. They are all now living in the basement.
Yes, that’s a real, live, complete Ewok Village that you see down at the bottom. Of course, some of those toys from the 70’s can’t compete with 2012 technology. Check out these lightsabers!
As you can see, they are fun for both the under- 6 and over- 40 crowd.  Admit it.  All of you.  You would have LOVED those lightsabers as a kid. Anyway, this Star Wars phase has led to me saying a whole lot of sentences that I never thought would come out of my mouth. For example, “No using the Choke Force at the table!” and “Your brother is NOT a Tauntaun!”
So, anyone in the market for about 50 Lightning McQueen cars?  

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