My New Kitchen Table- Another Woodworking Project

This will probably be the last project for a while.  It’s getting colder out and the garage isn’t heated…
I also have to re-certify for my internal medicine boards this spring.  Time to hit the books!
I hated our old kitchen table.  And by old, I mean old.  It was left in the house by the previous owners.  It was really wobbly. Its chairs kept breaking, and we were down to two.  Here it is:
Hmmm.  That’s an old picture.  I don’t typically have a cat walking on my table.  Especially that cat.  He died last year.  Anyway, when we took the table to the dump, we saw that the previous owners had nailed plywood to the bottom of the table to hold it together.  Apparently, at some point, I had also shimmed it with my business cards (I KNEW they’d come in handy!!!).  Clearly, the table was on its way out.
I wanted a large table.  I also wanted benches for two reasons: 
1) When not in use, we could slide them out of the way under the table so that there would be more free space, and 2) The table is near the garage entrance (the entrance that we use).  Jackets get slung over the backs of the chairs.  Bags get thrown on the seats of the chairs.  Before long, they are so covered in crap that they look like a big mound of junk.
Soooo, here we go!  My new Farmhouse Table with Matching “Nesting” Benches!
Plans again from Ana White.
I’m totally happy with how this came out.  I used kiln-dried pine.  The finish was 2 coats of Minwax Red Oak stain and 4 coats of polyurethane.  It’s really sturdy and I think it will stand up well to the abuse from the kids.  It’s also incredibly heavy.  Really, really heavy. If you make this, don’t drop it on your foot.
So that’s it for now.  Like I said, this is the last project, at least until after I take the boards!  Oh, by the way, I SWEAR that it’s just coincidence that the same bulb is blown out in the picture from a few years ago and the current pictures.  Really.  I swear, I’ve changed that bulb.  You believe me, right???

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