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More Woodworking- Toddler Bed

So, this past Friday night I was sitting and watching the Opening Ceremonies.  The kids were in tucked in and asleep (or so I thought).  All the sudden, I hear, “Mommy….Mommy,” said in that sing-song way that only kids can say it.  I went upstairs, just in time to catch Matthew as he attempted to climb out of his crib.  So, I figured it was time to ditch the crib and get a toddler bed.  Not being one to want to spend money on something that will only be used to a year or two, I decided to DIY.  These plans are from Ana White (again).  I didn’t make the fancy headboard, since I wanted this to be quick, cheap, and easy.
Total cost of lumber was about $40
Attaching the side rails

All done- ready for staining!

Hmmm…I guess they really mean it when they say to wear gloves while applying stain.
All stained and ready to go!

Taking apart the old crib- *sigh*- the end of an era!

All that’s left is to add the kid!
So, now it’s 9:15 PM.  Matthew is adjusting to his new bed…but I don’t think we’ll be getting a ton of sleep tonight!

1 thought on “More Woodworking- Toddler Bed”

  1. I love that you built a bed, but even more than that, I love that you didn't want to buy something you wouldn't use for very long. This looks better than most of the crap they sell in the stores. Where do you find time for this stuff though??


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