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What to wear while running in hot weather

Happy 4th everyone!  The heat is on.  We’ve had temperatures well into the upper 80s and 90s for the past few weeks.  It’s tempting to skip your run on hot days, but with the right clothes and gear, you can still keep moving.

Proper clothing is key.  Cotton, while soft and natural, is the devil when it comes to running in hot weather.  When you sweat in cotton, it gets sopping wet and stays that way.  This leads to chafing.  OUCH.  Look for synthetic fabrics.  Coolmax is one of my favorites.  It is soft and light.  As you sweat, it wicks the moisture away from your skin to evaporate rapidly.  Awesome.  Dri-Fit is another one.  However, most lightweight rayon or polyester will do fine.

Socks.  SO, SO important.  If you’ve ever run with a blister you know this. Again, cotton is evil.  Look for synthetic socks made of a wicking fabric.  My favorite are socks that are in a double layer- these are my favorite.  True, you can’t pick them up at the dollar store,  but they won’t break the bank, either.  Investing in a couple of pairs of these is well worth it.  I have 2 pairs and just rotate them.  Obviously, with 2 kids I’m doing lots of laundry anyway.

A hat.  Here are some good choices.  Look for a hat made out of a lightweight synthetic material.  These will wick sweat away from your head and hopefully keep it from running into your eyes.  If you get really hot, a neat trick is to dump water onto your hat and put it back on your head.  As it evaporates, it will cool you off nicely.

Sunglasses.  Look for a lightweight pair.  Now, you can spend a lot of money on a fancy pair, but it’s really not necessary.  Just look for a light pair that has UV protection and fits decently.  I usually pick up a couple of cheap pairs at the drugstore.  I have a habit of constantly losing sunglasses, so I don’t invest in anything expensive.

Sunscreen.  Need I say more?  High SPF, waterproof version.  Re-apply partway through your run if you are doing a lot of sweating.  Get something like this– a little travel size sunscreen with a carabiner so you can hook it onto your belt.

Finally- water.  Lots of it.  I’ll do another post about hydration belts, but for now, just make sure you are carrying water!

Now it’s time to get out for your run. Enjoy, because before you know it snow will be flying.

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