50 Shades of Hilarity

What is it about this book?  Seriously, if one more patient tells me about it…

I guess I should feel flattered that my patients feel comfortable enough with me to joke about their more…unusual…reading habits.  And yes, it can lead into a helpful discussion about sexual health, I guess.  Given that so many people have been talking about the book, I decided that maybe I should take the plunge and read it.  Purely for the educational value, you see.

Well, I wasn’t about to walk into Barnes and Noble to buy it.  If I did, I would be virtually guaranteed to run into a patient while purchasing this fine selection of erotica.  In fact, I really didn’t feel like spending money on it at all.  Therefore, the next logical step would be to hit the library.  Again, several of my patients work there, and I didn’t want to get put on the wait list and have to get the phone call from a patient telling me that it was my turn to read Fifty Shades.  I therefore decided to utilize the wonderful NH Overdrive system, which allows you to take out books in E-book form.  This system rocks, by the way.    So, after logging in, I put myself on the wait list.  I was promptly informed that there were 734 people ahead of me.

Eh, no big deal.  I could be patient.

Last week, my number came up!  I quickly downloaded a copy to my Kindle, ready to delve into the mystery of what made this book so special.

And the answer is…nothing.  I’m sad to say, I only got about 3 chapters into it.  The writing was…bad.  Just bad.  The plot line (such as it was) was irritating.  And hey, I’m certainly no literary snob.  I love a good romance novel.  The problem is, I just wasn’t seeing much in the way of romance.  So, I returned the e-book so it could be passed on to number 733.  I hope they like it more than I did.

I do want to share something funny.  I recently saw an elderly woman in the office.  She had shown up about 20 minutes late for her appointment and apologized profusely for running behind.  She explained that she had been reading and had lost track of time.  You’ll never guess what book it was!  Yup.  You got it.  Her description of it was priceless: “I’m not sure what’s going on, but I think that guy is up to no good!”

And there you have it, folks.

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