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Choose…But Choose Wisely PART 9

Yay!  The light at the end of the tunnel nears.  Tonight I can conclude this 9 part series with the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology’s list.

1. Don’t perform stress cardiac imaging or coronary angiography in patients without cardiac symptoms unless high risk markers are present.
This has pretty much been covered, both by the ACP, the AAFP and the ACC.  If you don’t believe it by now, I guess there’s nothing that will convince you.

2.  Don’t perform cardiac imaging for patients who are low risk.
Ditto to the above.

3.  Don’t perform radionuclide imaging as routine follow up in asymptomatic patients.  
Already covered by the ACC.

4.  Don’t perform cardiac imaging as a pre-operative assessment in patients scheduled to undergo low or intermediate risk surgery.
Already covered by the ACC.

5.  Use methods to reduce radiation exposure in cardiac imaging, whenever possible, including not performing such tests when limited benefits are likely.
Always.  We always need to watch radiation exposure and aim for ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable).

That’s all, folks!  More lists will be released throughout the year, and I’ll be sure to review them for you!

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