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Another Great Running App

The last app I reviewed was RunKeeper, which I still love.  However, if you want to spring for the $1.99, check out the Nike+GPS app.  I’m really enjoying this one.  It lets me sync my iTunes playlist with the app itself, so I can navigate through songs without exiting the program.

It also has a neat little feature called “PowerSongs”.  At any point during the run, I can hit the PowerSong button and an “inspirational” song that I’ve chosen in advance starts playing.  It’s pretty cool- I might be dragging towards the end of a run, and I all need to do is hit a button and Gloria Gaynor’s singing “I Will Survive.”  Perfect!

I can also run against friends (virtually, of course), and post my results for the world to see on Facebook or Twitter.  I can challenge myself by setting the app to prompt me to beat my best time or distance.  The best part- when I post a personal record, Lance Armstrong or Paula Radcliffe comes on to congratulate me!

All in all- I think this is my new favorite.

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