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Favorite Apps

I’ve already mentioned previously how in love I am with my iPhone.  I wanted to spotlight some of my favorite apps that people might find helpful.

This is my favorite running app- RunKeeper.  It has some great features.  First of all, it uses the GPS on your phone to track speed, distance, and pace.  With a flick of the screen, it will pull up Google Maps and trace your route.  It keeps a history of your runs, so your progress is tracked.  Turn on the “coaching” feature and the program will give voice prompts for what to do.  You can create your own workout, also.  Even better, you can program a playlist from your iPod so the workout is synced with music.  Once you’re done, you can tweet about your workout or post your results to Facebook (not that I’ve ever done this, but it’s easy to do).

Oh, by the way, if running’s not your thing, you can set it for pretty much whatever activity you want- biking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, even swimming.  Swimming???  How, exactly, does one swim with a smartphone?  At any rate, if you want to destroy your phone, apparently you can track your progress via GPS while doing it.

Stay tuned for more of my favorite apps!

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