Backyard Chickens

These are my chickens.  Well, some of them at any rate.  Right now I have 25.  Within the next few weeks I’ll be down to about 14, as I will be sending most of the roosters to freezer camp.

Why do I have chickens?  Well, the eggs are incredible.  Really, if you’ve never tasted a farm-fresh egg, try to find some.  You’ll never go back to supermarket eggs.  The chickens eat all sorts of yard pests, like grubs and ticks.  They are very low maintenance- we give them water and food once a day and clean out the coops every few weeks (takes under an hour). They also provide my kids with hours of amusement:

Alex hasn’t caught a chicken yet, but that doesn’t stop him from trying.  Not that he’d know what to do if he ever actually caught one…

1 thought on “Backyard Chickens”

  1. Oh dear memories are coming back. We always got the baby chickens that hatched in first grade. When they are babies Alex can try to teach them how to fly. I can give him instructions. I still remember. I never tried eggs only way I ate them as a kid was with catsup lots. This explains part of my vegetarinism chickens ending up in freezer. I was given green chicken eggs from a Make a Wish family once. I had never seen green eggs.


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