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Man’s best friend.

Let’s face it. It can be tough to get motivated to exercise.  Really, many of us would prefer to do just about anything other than exercise.  That’s why I suggest getting a workout buddy.  It’s pretty easy to come up with excuses as to why you shouldn’t exercise, but it’s a lot harder to use those lame excuses on a friend.

So, meet Indy.  He’s my workout buddy.  We’ve been running together since 2006.  He doesn’t care what the weather is like.  He always runs at my speed.  He never, ever, passes a chance up for a run.  His only downside?  I have to pick up his poop.  He also gets a bit stinky if we run in the rain, but hey, so do I.

So, if you’re just getting started with a running or walking program and you’re having a bit of trouble getting motivated, find a friend.  How do you do this?  You can check out this forum.  Or you can join a local running group.  If you live in my area, you can join my running group in the spring. Or, you can get a dog (but a friend might be better, since you won’t have to pick up their poop).  Enjoy the companionship and the exercise!

5 thoughts on “Man’s best friend.”

  1. Back before I was a CPT and LWMC I adopted a dog, named him Jake, and he became my trainer. He lived to 17–not bad for a 70lb dog who spent his impressionable puppyhood at the local shelter. Our other dog is 15+, still walks every day and has beat cancer. They should be shining examples of what daily activity, a diet of fruits and veggies and enjoying life can do for our health. Easy and affordable too!


  2. More of a question then a comment… I recently had a baby and would like to start running again. Do you really need to wait the “suggested” 6-weeks to get started on an exercise program after having a normal, problem-free delivery?


  3. Congratulations on your baby! If you had a normal delivery and are feeling good, I would just listen to your body. With my first baby, I was feeling great and was running again in about 2 weeks. With my second…well…let's just say it took me a few months to get back up to speed. Whatever you do, start off slowly and ease back into things. If you are breastfeeding, it is very important that you hydrate and eat plenty to make up any calories you are burning.


  4. Ummm just a warning if you dog sitting be sure the dog will not attack other dogs. I learned this the hard way. I asked the husband he was like you can take the dog even laid out her leash.This dog is a black lab with tons of energy so I figured it would be important everyday. Thing is he didn't know because he'd never taken the dog walking that the dog attacks other dogs. That was not a very fun night!!!!I was so glad the other dogs had electric fence.


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